Saturday, February 24, 2007

The waters of normalSEA

I have to say that although I have always strived to be "normal" was never a place in which I was very comfortable. However, I think I graduated from the discomfort I used to live in. Today was picture perfect in EVERY way. Dear husband who usually works weekends recently was home, the kids were happy and I had a bit of spring in my step. DH made the yummiest french toast and then I mentioned I was heading to the gym...My oldest wanted to go and play in the kids room. My youngest and the hubby chimed in. We all got dressed and out the door we went...It was so normal. I got the kids settled into the playroom and although my youngest was screaming as I left I knew in my gut that he would stop in a moment and we would all be fine. DH went his way, I went mine. I switched on the itunes and I was in my own world. occaisionally I would check the TV with the closed circuit of the playroom...the kids were playing, smiling even. They were having a great time meeting new friends too. It was so normal. I scanned the sea of metal and movement to find DH. He was going strong and across the vast room we smiled and waved. As the sweat started to drip down my neck I actually started to cry...I felt normal. This is what young families do on the weekends. I did it...I'm actually enjoying it too. There was no fighting...just growth.

We enjoyed the rest of the day together. DH arranged for a sitter and he took me to a lovely new restaurant. We talked, and enjoyed our time together without the kids pulling us in 50 directions. We watched the snow dance to the ground and then we went to a movie. We were both so relaxed. All of this is so rare in our lives...this was so normal. I feel so luck to have graduated to enjoying where I am.

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