Friday, January 11, 2008


So many people come up with great ideas for the start of a new year. Some take photos every day for the year. They put spins on this such as self portraits or sharing the process with best friends that have multiple oceans between them. Others start an exercise regimen and I suppose I felt like I needed a "something" to latch onto for the year. I haven't totally abandoned the exercise regimen but for now this is in the forefront.

I've given up my commitment to some of my other blogs and decided to focus on mine for the year. I love this creative process so much and didn't feel good about spreading myself out all over the place without ever really being anywhere. So, my "THING" this year will be, TWTW a.k.a The Week That Was. Don't get me wrong. I'm not one for living in the past. As my father says, "Don't look in your rear view mirror". I love photographing my family, friends and I'm usually the one drawn to archiving a moment in one way or another. So, I thought, since I have yet to finish my younger (he's 2) sons baby book, that this would be a document to cherish in the future and one I can thoroughly enjoy creating in the present. So, on Sundays(ish), because I'm just being realistic and kind to myself, I'll post an update accompanied, hopefully, by a picture or two about TWTW. I plan on posting a time or two throughout the week but I thought that I'd create a plan for at least getting one up/week. I hope you'll enjoy the first issue. To be out this Sunday(ish)...I know I'll enjoy the pleasure of putting it together. I'm already looking forward to the pretty leather bound version of the first volume - 2008, The Week(s) that Were.. Ooooh, I'm really getting into this. See you Sunday(ish) if not before.