Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Customer Service

I'm a stickler. I enjoy getting the 1950's customer service of our past. I just don't do well or act very lady like when dealing with the roboic overseas versions of what many companies now call "Customer Service". My favorite, most recent example, was face to face at Costco. For those who have the opportunity to shop at a Costco I don't have to explain. For those who don''s like a drug. Correction...a BIG drug. There isn't anything little about Costco. A friend was sharing her experiences with a recent Costco purchase...a crock pot. After she and I visited, I stopped at Costco and picked up the last one on the shelves. Got home. Opened it. Hmmm....don't know what happened but the pot and crock within this box was nothing like that of the one pictured on the box. So, I returned the item. Start the harps...Customer service took my phone number upon the return and actually followed up the next day by phone to let me know that their new shipment had arrived...Further arranged to have one waiting for me at the customer service counter along with the $10 off coupon that expired 2 weeks earlier. All this for little ole me? I felt like I won the shopper of the year award. Costco....You know how to treat your customers and by the way, you rock.

On the other hand...directv - You suck! No sense in boring you with the details of that companies lack of customer service but trust me, I'm not even looking for my Ritz Carlton background standards here...just a non-robotic, human life form to remotely fix a billing issue.

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Pam said...

totally agree on direct TV - my first sign should have been when my first bill arrived (conveniently after my 30 day cancellation period) and was about $30 different than what I had agreed to over the phone . . . I've never had an accurate bill from them EVER - love the blog, keep up the good work!