Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Security Blanket for the New Millenium

My oldest son, Jacob has been having trouble going to bed and eventually allowing me to leave the bedroom. He has an uncanny way of using his very manipulative puppydog eyes and uttering the words..."Mommy, can't you stay and snuggle a little bit longer?" Ugh...it's what I love to hear and yet I wonder if I am creating a situation that I won't be able to reverse at a later date. Going to college with him will be fun but I'm not sure I'm ready for those roommates and late parties again. Anyway, last night I stuck to my guns in our newest concrete plan of 2 stories and snuggle for 2 songs. Usually when I'm through putting him down I go downstairs to clean up the kitchen and finish up in my office for the evening. While in my office, I received this pint size visitor with the gorgeous, puppy dog eyes of which I've mentioned. I lovingly explained the plan again and he returned, himself, to his bed.

To get to his bedroom, Jacob has to pass through the kitchen. On his way, he has to pass by the beautiful "charging station" I brokedown and purchased for the appendages that are usually attached to both mine and my husbands upper region. After finishing up my work I went upstairs and checked on the boys. And then I saw IT....my heart dropped immediately....Jacob was sleeping so sweetly, perfectly pink lips, not a nostril was dripping but resting there on his pillow was my cell phone. I started to cry and decided that this was his way of scraming at the top of his lungs....Mom, I need you, more of you and we might have to re-think this terrible plan of yours.

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