Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Can't even remember the last bubble bath I had.

I have to say that Valentines Day ranks right up there with New Years Eve. It just doesn't make sense to me. Why do we need a calendar to tell us when to be romantic? Or, Why does, NYE have to be the most fun you have ever had in your life? Perhaps I'm just missing something. My husband and I decided, while staying home on New Years Eve, that this was going to be the year we actually schedule and take a full 3-4 day weekend, at least once each quarter, without the kids....It took some planning but we've succeeded with our first endeavor.

We've heard so much about this place that we were thrilled to find out that this was considered "off season" and perhaps it would actually work within our budget. I have to send out a big yahoo to my folks. They took both boys for 3 days and none of this would have worked without them.

We enjoyed a lovely 2 hour ride in the car with no traffic. Upon arrival, we stepped into the lobby and the stress immediately began melting from our shoulders. The front desk agents, called butlers, upgraded us to a suite. SWEET! We strode down the corridors and we felt like we had been transported to Switzerland. Gorgeous wood doors with rounded tops and sconces that were actually inviting. I never thought of noticing a sconce before but trust me, this was just the beginning of things I'd never noticed before. And then we saw it...our sweet suite. Wood trim framed the rooms, the bed had the most amazing mattress and then there was ...the bathroom. Aside from the toilet, there was no door. No door for the shower, the swimming pool of a bathtub or the sinks. Nope, the bedroom and the bathroom were one. It was the wildest thing I had ever seen. Amazing fixtures and sinks, faucets and jets. Ahhh, the tub jets were like stress erasers. The tub had a pillow that was actually comfortable and allowed the jets to massage your neck while your head was gently supported. UNbelievable.

The staff was amazingly attentive while not being intrusive. Our every questions or request was answered and met. We had amazing meals, phenomenal naps, loved the cozy robes and enjoyed the restful waters and a massage in the magical spa. Restful sound sleep never felt so good. I can't wait for next quarter...who knows where our travels will lead us.

PS - Don't get me wrong....this was an amazing trip, but I could have done without returning to 10 inches of snow shoveling though. Stay warm!

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Sounds delightful!