Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm Quirky

I wish I could say that I was quirky in a "cool" way. Y'know, like a person who wears vintage clothing and pulls it off with their "up to the minute, 1950s looking" eye wear. Instead, I border on type A personality with downright compulsiveness mixed with a dash of quirky. See that, I only get a dash, to kind of, but nearly misses at, rounding it all out, into being "cool" Anyway, you wouldn't even know I had these quirks unless I told you. The fact that they don't further define me into quirky cuteness proves that my quirkiness misses the boat of coolness.

For example: when I reheat something in the microwave...I never use the preset times. I always put in some quirky time of my own. Mostly 1:23 but not always. This is an example of me really living on the edge people. I'm working on it though. You'd be amazed at how much work I'm doing but that is many other posts. Light switches and screws...sounds like the title of some trashy airport novel or perhaps something one would find behind thick velvet curtains of a mom & pop video store. Nope, just me again proving how UNcute my quirkiness is. We have two panels of light switches in our kitchen. Both control the same lights from different doorways of the room. When we go to sleep, my husband and I head up the stairs and he, being one for appreciating my quirkiness and even seeing the cuteness in it, makes a concious effort to make sure that the switches match. Y'know, all up on one panel and all down on the other.

To further this idiosyncrasy, we had an electrician in our house at one point and he felt the need to tell me that it was city code for electricians to make sure all the screw grooves in electrical plates were lined straight up and down. Of course, after he left I walked around the house and made sure we had screws up to code for goodness sake. Feel free to check your own'll sleep better because of it.

I'm happy to say that I can sleep just fine if the the switches aren't up to code or even MY code for that matter. I'm fine if the microwave is reheating for just a boring :30. None the less, I just feel slightly more pleased with myself when things are done in my cute quirky way.

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Pam said...

I count to 12 every time I gargle or take a long drink of water - not cute or cool, just quirky :)