Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fake Milk

One of the most common discussions my husband and I have is,

ME: "How's the Milk...are we running low?"
DH: "I'll pick some up on my way home from work"

I swear, I'm about to buy a cow for the backyard. If I didn't think I'd have the same conversation about hay instead of milk I'd really think twice about it. That, and I haven't seen any cow pullups at Costco yet, but I'm always looking.

Anyway, when I was growing up, my Mom did a lot of parenting by herself. My Dad worked at an overachievers pace and though he helped when he could...going to the store on a whim wasn't his foremost skill. My mom was prepared for this struggle in many ways...never running out of milk was one of them. She ALWAYS had instant powdered milk on hand. I can recall many times when she whipped up a batch of milk. UNfortunately, I can also recall the contortions my face went into upon sipping this foreign liquid. I can so clearly remember her trying to convince my brother and me that it was, "the same as the milk we buy at the store." We weren't buying it.

Truth be told...I've become my Mother.

Yesterday, we too were out of milk...a Saturday, the one day a week where me and my boys stay in our jammies (when our schedule allows) and just hang out and play ...aka...NO RUSHING. Dad was at work and sippies were empty...what is an urban girl to do? I checked the pantry...thank goodness we made hot chocolate kits for holiday gifts last month...we HAD powdered milk. Would I?...Could I?...SHOULD I?

The bantering in the background elevated. My oldest started whining...I start sweating..."Mom, I'm thirsty."

I inform him that we are going to make milk. I must have been more like a Stepford wife than just plain smiling. I'm trying to make this the best experience ever...I even let him stir.

We sit at the table....His bowl, with the built in straw, gets filled with cheerios and his scoop of "Saturday Cereal".

Then it happens..... I Gulp

"Mom, this milk is GREY...and it smells funny."

I assure him that it's just the cereal and then poof...he bought it. He sucked down the whole bowl. DH brought home the gallon of moo juice that evening and all in our world was right again.

Hmmm...why buy the cow when your powdered milk sits in the pantry for free?


Carrie said...

OH MY GOD! We had powdered milk EVERYDAY growing up. I never even knew that milk was actually sold in a carton or gallon until I was in high school. And then imagine my joy tasting the "real" stuff for the first time!

Thanks so much - this totally brought back memories!!

Mel said...

I can't even believe how much milk my boys (13 year old twins!) go through. I need TWO cows!