Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Make a Wish

Sunday night I made chicken for dinner. A pretty basic non descript meal. We enjoyed it with friends and upon cleaning up I placed the wishbone on the window sill to dry. Last night, Jacob was sitting on the counter and saw the, now dry, wishbone. He held it and started telling me all the rules. First I had to close my eyes really tight and think of my wish. Then I had to open my eyes but watch him close his eyes to do the same. This was serious wishing work. Then he had a whole reasoning about how to hold the end of the bone ONLY. I was then informed that we had to check with each other BEFORE we counted to three. We checked, we counted, we pulled....It happened, y'know, what you don't, as a mom, want to happen...I got the "good, get your wish" piece. I so wanted this to be over. I so wish I had made spaghetti on Sunday. I headed to the trash with my side of the bone. (by the way, that always seemed so crazy to throw your wish away.) Anyway, don't you worry about my Jacob. He had a solution. He just asked for my piece of the bone so he could have his wish too. I love the innocence of childhood.

This made me wonder what he could have wished for. Was he wishing we didn't have to interrupt our three days together to go back to work & school tommorrow? Did he even realize we had an extra long weekend? Was he hoping he'd finally get to have a playdate with his friend "B"? Was he hoping to get the brownie he eyed all day before dinner instead of after? I guess I'll never know. He is becoming his own person everyday. It's fun to watch. I hope all his wishes come true.


Michelle said...

I have never gotten the good end of the wish bone. My sister or mom always got it. Now, my hubby does. I have stopped pulling it. Hahaha I wish I would have been as wise as Jacob to ask to make my wish too! Smart kiddo!

It's great to meet you. We must have been twins. I was born in and lived in the Midwest as a kid. I got out of a brace that I was wearing for a small tear in my Achilles a couple months ago. I feel for you. It hurts SO bad. I hope you get some relief soon.

Lisa said...

I always get the shrimpy side. Kids are so magical. I also wonderwhat they would wish for...I would like to think at this age their wish still includes spending time with me too.

slouching mom said...

I love how children can always make the world suit their needs, even if it means taking their mother's side of the wishbone. It's a talent (and a wonderfully optimistic perspective) that would serve many adults well.