Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wisdom of an ALMOST 5 year old

While driving home from school yesterday my son and I watched the biggest snowflakes flit and fall to the ground. We were mesmerized and silent. He broke this moment of quiet with the most fascinating theory.

Boy: Mom, could you please press the button that takes us up to the top of the trees.

Me: What button honey?

Boy: Y'know, the button that makes the car go up to the tippy top of the trees. So that I can talk to G-d.

Me: (thoroughly eager to see where this goes) Sure, I think that button is right (I hesitate and wonder if the hazard or the defrost are more the more appropriate button then I ask what he will do when he talks to G-d)

Boy: I want to ask him to ask Mother Nature to turn off the snow so we can see a little better.

Me: Ahh, gotcha. (totally amazed that I've helped to create such a wonderful sense of imagination and intrigue)

That is one powerful button. This must be an upgrade on the minivan I wasn't aware of...It certainly makes it seem well worth the pricetag we paid.

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Lisa said...

Awww. What a sweetie pie.