Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Perfect Shade

I was getting ready to go out last night. While doing so, my older son was sitting on the counter in the bathroom. He loves to hold the hairdryer. I love when he doesn't burn my scalp. Anyway, I was at work all day and hadn't seen him and was happy to have this time together.

What I loved the most was that when he came into my room the TV was on. I told him that I'd love for him to hang out with me while I got ready so that we could spend some time together before I left. His baby blues popped open and said, "We can play", which initially broke my heart and then it quickly mended as I said, "OK, TV on or off?" He, without hesitation said, "off". We are not a huge TV family...especially the kids. (15-20 minutes here and there)

We had such a nice time just chatting about our days and getting caught up. He has always wanted to put on my makeup...I've always said no. I don't know if it is because I was nervous he might like it too much...which sounds totally ridiculous, he's 4...or if I was being so cranky and didn't want to clean up the mess. Or both. This time I was way more relaxed...perhaps from all of my recent working out. He was so careful to not only be gentle with the angle of each lipstick but in picking the correct shade. Times like these just make me want to give him more space to be a kid.

This kid thing is a short run and I was too quick to grow up. I think I actually avoided being a kid as much as possible. Sometimes I think I'm experiencing being a kid with my kids. It's fun and I find that when I give them the courage, trust and safety to be carefree...there is no friction when we have to change gears and transition to something else. THAT is a beautiful thing!

What have you learned from your kids?


slouching mom said...

OK, we're thinking alike today! Check out the picture of Jack on my site -- the only difference between yours and mine is that yours is wearing lipstick, mine chocolate! Funny!

slouching mom said...

Re your comment on my site: It may be because you haven't begged them to comment yet. You might need to stoop as low as I have, in other words to have no shame; I tossed my shame in the garbage long ago. Along with my sense of privacy. And insecurity. None of those traits, not one, was worth its weight.

carrie said...

I love it! It is definitely his shade!

I think most importantly I've learned to just...Stop. And be in the moment. Last night I was trying to hurry the girls in the house and get dinner and everything done and they were just staring up in the trees. I finally just gave in and stopped and looked up. There were 20 of these crazy parrots making a racket - it was incredible. We watched them for 20 minutes. Totally would have missed the whole thing if it was up to me and my schedules.

So stopping and taking notice of life. I'm still not great at it - but I am learning. Kids are really great teachers.

My MoMtra said...

Carrie - Stopping and slowing down. My two most difficult tasks. Both of which have given me the most satisfaction when I'm successful. Thanks for reminding me.

Lisa said...

OH THAT is awesome! heehee.

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