Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Courage to Comment

If you've read this blog you know that I'm not a skilled techy in the coolest sense of the word. Rather a nerd with aspirations. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've looked, studied and searched all the other blogs out there...really. For about a year I compiled my mental list of what I liked and things I'd do differently while I lurked around other peoples courage to write some of their honest innermost thoughts...and some funny stuff too. I'm not sure I had the courage to comment in that year of collection. However, a month ago I took the plunge. I plodded and planned. I attempted to write creatively. I do it successfully some days and not so successfully others. I'm keeping at it though.

I've realized that my nerdy side enjoys seeing the stat counter. I actually get an adrenaline rush when it shows me the many hits I've had. I get even more excited when I drill down and see that they cam from all over the world too. China, London, Omaha. Y'know all the great places people travel. (or at least get their band connection from) Anyway, I'm then perplexed as to why so few or NO people leave comments. What is it about commenting that was so tough for me and is currently so difficult for my visitors? I see this type of post on many other blogs. It can't be the "shy" card. I believe there is an anonymous option on all posting software. Ease - c'mon it can't be that...the commenting field all but writes itself. Perhaps its just time. I do understand that. I guess I'll never really know.

What I'd like to know is this. Why do I let absolute strangers effect my Psyche so? I can't seem to let it go. The feeling of reasurance and "you matter" is another post all together. Probably many posts. Strange thing is, I can't even blame this feeling of being left out on my weight which is where I always place this discomfort. This blogging is very mysterious. I can't believe I'm being so absolutely honest....I hope you will be too.

A special thanks to Slouching Towards for her encouragement to write this.

**Now, I'm laughing because in the time it took me to build this post I've received two comments. Thank you "Your Blogginess"...I suppose some wishes were meant to be answered. Even if I didn't win $375 million in the Lotto.


Matthew said...

I understand your frustration about comments. It is nice that you have the visitors, though. I don't get that much traffic...yet.

slouching mom said...

Hah! You billed me as 'Slouching Towards'; I think I like that better than my actual blog title. It leaves a little something to the reader's imagination.

I hate the thought that blogging might be the new high school. I don't want to go back to high school. A lot of my most dedicated readers have not commented; I know that because some have e-mailed me personally. Many people don't believe in their own writing abilities. More people than you'd think, actually.

Lisa said...

I just like that SOMEONE has listened. At my house, the dog, the boy and the hubby have selective hearing... But it is wierd when people don't comment. You won't what they thought of the post and if what they think is negative. Ok. Maybe that's just me? (Its why I ALWAYS comment if I read something...)

Sheila said...

Hi there, I found you from my blog! Where you commented! Thanks! (Okay, no more exclamation points.)

I just got started writing my own blog a month ago, and even though I know I have oh, six readers, maybe 7, they don't comment. I think it's circular. People want there to be a conversation in the comments before they weigh in, so if no one comments, no one will. I think the comments give people a sense of the community the blog has generated, and whether they want to be a visible part of that community.

Luckily, my mom and some old friends in real life read and talk to me/email me, so I'm getting other feedback. And it just takes time for word to spread.

I have decided not to do any counters or maps because I don't want to obsess too much about that stuff. I obsess enough about my work website, you know?