Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm Good at ...

I spend so much of my time beating myself up over what faults I have. I'm going out on a limb here to investigate what I'm good at, for a change. I often see posts on others blogs regarding things that make them quirky or have a negative self image to them. Heck, I'm guilty of it too. It's an attitude too many women take regarding themselves. I know I'm guilty of it on many occasions. However, this is a post to share what I feel confident I'm good at. Five examples feels like a tall order but I'm taking the challenge none the less.

1. I have an amazing "stick to it" attitude. The shear fear of failure will get me through just about any task.

2. I am excellent at parallel parking. Stick, Automatic, big van or compact. I'm your gal. I've been known to get out of the passenger seat only to get in on the driver side to park.

3. I have learned several computer programs by hands on, trial and error. Excel, Quickbooks, Photoshop, Word, My Publisher, Roxio Video editing etc. It's just the way I learn best. These types of books are great for reference but they just slow me down and confuse me.

4. Returning...this is not a trait most are proud of. However, I can return just about anything to just about anywhere. I'll have to include selling stuff on Craigslist here as well. My father jokes that if anyone stands still too long they risk being sold too. It's like business... (check out #7) I just love the banter and the victory over a good sell or return.

gosh....I'm really staring at this #5 wondering what else to list. This is so sad.

5. Mothering. I think I'm a great mother. FAR from perfect, mind you, but I have a mothering personality. I have an uncanny sense of how people are feeling without them having to tell me. My nickname in college was mother. One that I'm not always fond of but it was endearing none the less. I can tell exactly when my kid are going to melt down and how to soothe them. When to tease them and when not to. Along with Mothering I'm very good at organizing. A group, my office, a project...Again, it's just how I think and it comes in handy while mothering quite often.

6. Creative. My creativity is usually electronic these days. Printed books of my images for different events. Videos edited to include a keepsake for some celebration or another. And, I've recently acquired a 19" digital frame that hangs in our kitchen to display my images and our family's continued expanded memories. My youngest has started to learn names of many of our family members just by watching this frame.

It's so like me to actually list 6. Had to prove something. What I'm proving I don't really know.

So, what are you good at? Post it and link it back here!
The start of the positive revolution.

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