Friday, June 22, 2007


Best Shot Monday now has a new feature. Themed Thursdays. This weeks theme was GLEE.
Glee: Joy; merriment; mirth; gayety; paricularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast.
Here is my oldest on his 5th birthday. He is enjoying one of those ridiculously huge suckers that you would otherwise say N-O to at the store. I must say...he REALLY enjoyed it way more than I would have ever anticipated. That made me filled with GLEE. It didn't hurt that he barely dented it and 2 days later it found it's way to the trash. More Glee.

If this isn't pure GLEE, I don't know what is.
Also taken on his brothers birthday - with reminents of cake still on his face.


Matt said...

Love these faces! We took our kids to the fair this weekend, and I got several looks of glee from my oldest as she was riding the carnival rides.

My youngest was not so excited, since all he got to do was watch his sister have fun. He was too little. He enjoyed it for a while, but being a spectator got old.

Lisa said...

Awww. They are so adoreable!

Anonymous said...

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