Monday, November 5, 2007


Halloween is a fun holiday, but not one I've always loved...even my kids just "sort of" like it. Don't get me wrong...they love candy but my oldest didn't even want to wear his costume. He eventually saw his friends having fun and then put his on and also joined in the action, I just don't know what it is about this crazy holiday. However, the sense of brotherhood between my guys was just what I've always hoped for. My oldest even loved putting the makeup freckles on my youngest...It was pretty great to witness. Perhaps the moon of Halloween is what we needed.
This was my youngest first trick or treating experience and I think this picture captures his awe of the whole experience. Plus, you should know, everytime someone handed him a piece of candy...he handed them one. What a sweety. He also thought the bag was filling up by some magic...perhaps that of his brother who also helped to get the candy in his little bro's bag.


Mandaroo said...

Aaww, he's so sweet. Both of them are. What great boys you have. Hope they had fun!

kim said...

Both are fun shots. I love the one of your youngest. It's like, whoa, how'd that get there!?!?

Sara said...

what adorable little guys, my boys are close too, isn't it great to see them that way