Monday, May 7, 2007

What kid needs R&R?

Note: This photo was taken by my Big Brother

I love when spring feels like summer. This was one of those moments when I was able to really have fun with the kids and not worry about all the othe stuff we worry about. Trust me, it's no beachfront getaway but then that would make me worry about bathing suits and such so...This made me smile & relaxed and entry for this weeks Best Shot Monday.

* I encourage you to click on the picture to see the larger's bound to make you smile too.

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Stacy said...

Love the joy on his face!

Jen said...

Great capture!!

melody said... it again, he said.

Love the sheer fun on his face.

natalie said...

Ahhh...that face. Innocence, joy, happiness...he's got it.

sierrajuliettromeo said...

That is a great capture of the sheer joy of the moment!